Performing Under Pressure

"It really helped me face my fear of performing and speaking in front of people."
Y9 Student

Being able to do and know something is one thing. But doing it under pressure is something else.
This session will show your students how to deal with anything that is thrown their way.

At the end of this workshop, your students will be able to:
Use strategies to cope and excel during pressurised situations.
Confidently use relevant strategies to build upon their skill set, creativity and wider understanding.
Communicate and represent their thoughts, ideas and feelings clearly.
Consider different viewpoints, building on the contributions of others.
Understand how to apply their learning into a variety of settings and environments

All of our school workshops are offered in Flexible Formats
meaning we can tailor them to meet the needs of your school and students.
Our Standard Sessions have a maximum duration of 2 Hours with a capacity of 30 Students.
Our Standard Session rate is £180. Our Tailored Session rate is variable to a maximum of £250.

If you would like to book or find out further information, email us at