Improving Your Improvisation

We infuse improvisation into everything we do and at the end of this session, your students will be using it in all of their work as well.
"I feel inspired. I've found the courage to be creative!"
Y10 Student
Sir John Leman High School
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Our Secondary Workshops are offered in Flexible Formats meaning we can tailor them to meet the needs of your school and students.

1 Hour Workshops are £120

2 Hour Workshops are £180

Multiple Workshops are £250

2 Hour Workshops can be used either for a double period or split for two separate groups.

Multiple Workshops can be split into two 2 Hour Workshops or four 1 Hour Workshops.

The maximum capacity for a workshop is 30 Students.

You are able to have multiple classes take part during our time with you.

If you would like to book or find out further information