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Presenting Viewpoints

Strengthen your students' skills in structuring and delivering opinions and perspectives
Really helped our students see a writer's perspective.
Head of English
Wymondham High School
Learning Outcomes
  • Increased ability to compare perspectives

  • Increased ability to communicate own viewpoints

  • Increased ability to identify relevant supporting evidence

Our KS3 & KS4 English Workshops are offered in Flexible Formats

meaning we can tailor them to meet the needs of your school and students.

1 Hour Workshops are £150

2 Hour Workshops are £200

Multiple Workshops are £300

2 Hour Workshops can be used either for a double period or split for two separate groups.

Multiple Workshops can be split into two 2 Hour Workshops or four 1 Hour Workshops.

The maximum capacity for a workshop is 30 Students.

You are able to have multiple classes take part during our time with you.

Available for digital and in-person delivery.

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