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The arts are for everyone.
We co-create inclusive, accessible and bespoke programmes for a wide range of communities, charities and organisations

Our Partners & Projects


We created a series of online training videos for the social care sectors, specifically those working with people who have dementia

You watch all of them by heading over to the
NSCS Youtube Channel


During the pandemic, we delivered a series of online and in-person Social Drama Sessions to help people with social learning difficulties

We still deliver these sessions upon request so
Get In Touch if you would like one


We joined forces to create a video celebration with social group members for World Autism Week 2021

See it in all it's glory by heading on over
to our 
Youtube Channel


We collaborated in association with Nansa for a brand new Neurodiversity festival

Have a look at the
Visible Website
to find out all about the festival!


If you are interested in collaborating with us, do get in touch.
We would love to learn more about how we can help you and what we can offer you and your community.

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