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The Benefits of Neurodiversity

Discover the full potential of your team and transform your Neurodiverse workplace.
Amazing approaches to understand Neurodiversity.
Head of Resourcing
All 3 Media
Training Outcomes
Increased awareness of the language and landscape of Neurodiversity
Increased ability to work openly with Neurodiverse colleagues
Increased ability to create constructive, sensitive solutions

Our Training Courses are offered in Flexible Formats
meaning we can tailor them to meet the needs of you and your organisation.

Half Day Courses last for up to 4 Hours.
Full Day Courses last for up to 8 Hours.

Available for both digital and in-person delivery.

Discounted rates are available for larger groups, as well as charities, social enterprises
and other registered non-profit organisations.

The maximum capacity for a course is 25 Participants.
You are able to have multiple groups and teams take part during our time with you.

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