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Item List

Advanced Improvisation

I feel inspired. I've found the courage to be creative!

Communication Techniques

Thoroughly engaging and knowledgable training.

Confidence & Creativity

Their teaching is positive, playful and non-judgmental.

Conflict Management

Very informative, I just wish it was longer!

Creating Stories

Great session. The students enjoyed every minute.

Creativity In The Workplace

Great energy and a fully interactive day.

Devising Theatre

Reflex have a fantastic approach to theatre creation.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Useful, innovative and so worthwhile. Thank you!

Exploring Emotions

It helped me out of my comfort zone. I feel less overwhelmed.

Healthy Relationships

I’m proud I learnt how to make strong friendships.

Industry Insight

The advice and wisdom we got was ridiculously good.

Kinaesthetics: Practical Solutions

Very engaging, really love the interactivity.

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